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While ice hockey was thought to be a sport people only played in the winter time, it can be played on closed low-temperature facilities.

This gives hockey enthusiasts the chance to participate in hockey events and competitions throughout the entire year. Here are the biggest and most important ice hockey events of 2019.

Ice Hockey Under-20 World Championship 2019

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This annual event, which takes place between December and January, gathers a large number of junior under-20 hockey teams in order to face each other in a safe environment and decide which one is the rightful winner amongst them all.

The event features the Top Division teams, formed by the top 10 nations in the world. Countries such as Russia, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Canada, United States, Slovakia, Denmark, Great Britain, and Sweden, are some of the most awarded countries in this event’s history.

Ice Hockey World Championship 2019

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The tournament took place from May 10th to the 26th In Slovakia and featured Finland as the final winner against humble Canada. No one considered Finland as a possible winner of the championship, as it started the competition with 18 debutants on the list.

Olympic Winter Games 2022

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The event will take place in Beijing, China, from February 4th to 20th. In this renowned event, teams representing their countries will clash against each other to decide who’s taking the gold medal home.

Knowing about these annual events will give athletes the chance to improve, as they’ll have time to train and get better before the actual event takes place. Although hockey is a heavily demanding sport, athletes love to compete with each other and prove which team is the best amongst them all.